Dilly Beets!

Pickled Beets with Dill

Makes about 7 pints


6 pounds beets

Fresh dill weed/flowers

Pickling Syrup: equal parts white vinegar and sugar

(Plan on ½ cup to ¾ cup syrup for each pint jar).


1. Boil the beets until tender. Rinse in cool water. Peel beets (after cooking, the skins should slide right off). Cut beets in half and then into ¼ inch slices.

2. While beets are cooking, make the Pickling Syrup. Bring the Pickling Syrup to a boil before you begin packing the jars.

3. Place a couple of dill sprigs into the clean, hot jars. Pack the peeled and sliced beets in next. Leave ½ inch headspace in each jar. Pour the boiling brine over the beets and allow for ½ inch headspace.


Use the hot water bath method. Follow the guidelines for safe canning. Release trapped air. Wipe rims clean with a paper towel. Put on lids and lightly screw on jar bands. Process for 30 minutes. (If your temperature drops below 212 degrees and is between 206.5-210, add five minutes to your processing time). Turn off heat, remove canner lid, and let the jars rest in the water for 5 minutes. Remove jars; allow to cool for 24 hours. Check seals. Label with date. Store in a cool, dark place for up to 1 year.

Refrigerator method:

Allow jars to cool. Put on lids. Store in the refrigerator for up to three weeks.

Any leftover Pickling Syrup can be refrigerated for later use.


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