Last Pick-Up for 2016 this Wed., Nov. 16 at WHEELS!

In the share this final week: Butternut Squash, Kale, Yellow Onions and Honey from Good Flavor Farm’s bees…

resident-bees-at-good-flavorThese boxes hold the key to a great deal of pollination. The residents inside draw their own wax combs fit for a queen. In this photo you can see the protective wire over the entrances. This allows bees free movement in and out, but discourages mice from wreaking havoc over the winter and into the spring…

Hope you all enjoyed the season! Stay warm, be well, and thanks for helping to support the veggie parade!


Pick Up this Wed., Nov. 9 at WHEELS…

In the share this week: Green Cabbage, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Collard Greens, Garlic and a new president elect.

I held a historic ballot today in the 19th Congressional District of New York State where half of the candidates are women. And, that feels more relevant than recipes right now.

Let me simply take this opportunity to say thanks to President Obama and First Lady Michelle for their dedication and integrity.

May our many paths join in peace.


Pick-Up this Wed., Nov. 2 at WHEELS!


In the share this week: 3 lbs of golden, red and chioggia beets, 3 lbs of carrots, a bag of broccoli side shoots, and another handy laminated recipe. A few weeks ago the share included broccoli crowns. Now, we get the plant’s second growth. Eat the broccoli soon, but the roots will keep in your fridge for many weeks. Even after the share is over!

*Reminder* – Our last Pick-Up for the season is Wed., Nov. 16!

Pick-Up this Wed., Oct. 26 at WHEELS!

In the share this week: Garlic, Yellow Onions and Pie Pumpkins! These pumpkins are great for carving on Halloween and making pie or soup — don’t forget to roast the seeds.

To toast pumpkin seeds, heat them in a dry skillet, stirring occasionally, until they begin to brown and become fragrant, about 5-10 minutes.

Para tostar semillas de calabaza, cocinelas en una sarten sin aceite, revolviendo ocasionalmente, hasta que empiecen a dorarse y huelan bien, de unos 5 a 10 minutos.

Credit to Sustainable Food Center’s Fresh Seasonal Recipes.

Pick-Up this Wed., Oct. 19 at WHEELS!

In the share this week: Kale, Watermelon Radish with edible tops and Herbs from Good Flavor, plus… Apples from Montgomery Place Orchard!

A few notes about Watermelon Radish: also known as Red Daikon — daikon means “big root” in Japanese. Watermelon Radish are green on the outside, red on the inside and delicious all the way through. No need to peel! Try watermelon radish raw grated in salads, or sliced thin with cheese; or sauteed in thick slices with butter or oil. The greens are good, too — try them mixed in with kale. Yum!

Pick-Up this Wednesday, Oct. 5th!

In the share this week: acorn squash, carrots, broccoli, and the first cut of red loose leaf lettuce!

Q: Why loose leaf instead of head lettuce?

A: Loose leaf lettuce will quickly regrow because the plants have established a valuable root structure, which remains in place for several harvests. And, since the days are getting shorter there is less sunlight to help speed things along.


No produce jokes this week… but if you think of one, LETTUCE KNOW!

First day of 2016 Pick-Up at WHEELS!

Welcome new and returning members of the Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School Farm Share!

The share for the week of Wednesday, September 21, includes: Celery, Easter Egg Radish, Japanese Pumpkin and Red Onions…


Celery is wonderful in soups and stews. The Pumpkin is great for roasting. Radish are usually eaten raw but they’re delicious sauteed in butter, too. And, the onions? Well, you know what to do…


Last Pick-Up for Wheels in 2015 this Tues., Nov. 17!

turnips in the greenhouseThe last pick-up for 2015 includes: Long Island Cheese Pie Pumpkin, Honey from the Bees of Good Flavor Farm, Spinach, Baby Hakurei Turnips with their leaves, Onions, Garlic and Carrots. Enjoy in good health!

Thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm, and to the Family Teacher Association volunteers, and my amazing student helpers for all of the hard work in making this happen! Please, feel free to share feedback over the winter. We’re always trying to improve this project and make it more accessible to the entire WHEELS community!